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    Configuring JBoss Portal to reach portals from internet. How

    santy byron Newbie

      I've installed jboss portal on a server in a private network.
      My target is to reach my portal from internet.
      I start jboss with -b option to bind server address and it is ok.
      I've configured my router/firewall to forward the private_address:8080/portal/ of the server to a public address/name and it's ok too, but when i load my portal home page i've two critical errors:
      1) the css don't load (but the home page i reachable)
      2) the login module refers to the server private address so i can't login in my portal (when i insert the usr and psw it tries to reach the private address of the server...sigh :-( )

      For the number one problem i think that i must forward some others addresses (like portal-ajax etc...). Is it right?
      For the number two problem i dont' know where i can put my hands...i'm desperate....
      Can anyone help me?