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    HTTP Status 500 - No authenticated user  for dashboard url -

    Deepak Bhatia Newbie

      JBoss 4.3 EAP
      JBoss Portal 2.6.7

      I am configuring authentication for JBoss portal and using the same authentication that is used by my web app -

      Authentication works fine when i access the portal page.
      However it gives me a Http 500 No authenticated user when i try to use the dashboard url(http://servername:port/portal/auth/dashboard)

      I noticed the bug JBPORTAL-2178. I also modified web.xml in portal-server.war by adding /dashboard/* as suggested even though i am not accessing the dashboard like /dashboard.

      still it did not help. I get the same Http 500 No authenticated user


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          Deepak Bhatia Newbie

          I did not mention that I am not using any of the *IdentityLoginModule
          we use directory smart and I am using a custom login module for authentication that extends UsernamePasswordLoginModule.

          is it required to use one of the *IdentityLoginModules ?

          in web.xml of portal-server.war, I have changed the role name from "Authenticated" to "BetaUI". this role is defined in directory smart.
          However, I only have assigned this role to one user. I intend only to provide this user the portal functionality for now.

          I read in the docs that all users need to be assigned this role, but I am not absolutely sure if this is required ?

          I dont know what I am doing wrong - I have the portal pages authenticating correctly, but get this 500 no auth user error just for dashboard