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    Single Dashboard For Multiple Portal

    Sambit Dikshit Newbie

      I'm looking at a feature where i have created 3 different portals under a single jboss portal instance. Then based on the user log in i need to show dashboard of specific portal where user has access. One way i can think of is to put a controller in the front where it will check the user type and then add respective portal to dashboard programatically using Portal Manager. I'm looking at a feature if this is provided by Jboss Portal by default where during design time i can create the portals, arrange the portlets in the portal and then create multiple dashboard. I have not seen yet how to create multiple dashboard through admin console.

      Any ideas / pointers is appreciated.


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          Sourav Mazumder Newbie


          Dashboard itself is another portal (like admin) in a JBoss Portal instance. So the architecture cannot support as is multiple dashboards each specific to 1 portal. Neither I think supporting this would make sense as concept of dashboard is something specific to a user and a user would like to have his/her own dashboard only in a single way.

          May be you need to elaborate your need little nit more.


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            Sambit Dikshit Newbie

            Here is what i think it is there in dashboard in jboss portal currently.
            Dashboard is with respect to a single portal context and hence what pages available to a portal only can be added to a dashboard. What i'm trying achive is to provide a dashboard which will be an aggregation of portals. I know at design time we can create another portal where we can create pages as there in already available portals and then associate the portlets to each of these page. But lets say there are already 2 portals running in a single portal instance. At run time we would like to show 2 pages from portal 1 and another 3 pages from portal 2. Where in portal 1 and 2 you have defined page level access specific to user / group. So when the user login to dashboard he can see the appropriate pages from respective portals. To summarize i'm looking at dashboard as parent portal window which can aggregate multiple portals which in turn can have multiple pages and which in turn can have multiple portlets.


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              Sambit Dikshit Newbie

              Hi Vivek,
              Thanks for the link. I have looked into this. So do you extend CustomizationManagerService and overwrite the method, then adding this to Jboss-Service.xml of Jboss-Portal.sar or recompiling the existing CustomizationManagerService code and no change in Jboss-Service.xml. What i was thinking of is adding one attribute in mbean descriptor of Jboss-Service.xml, if this attribute is set to ON this will no more copy the template portal, it will copy the portal objects for which user has access. We can probably have a private method in CustomizationManagerService which can handle this scenarios. Just to make sure, Do you see if this change in CustomizationManagerService impacts any other place.


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                vivek saini Newbie

                any way it could be done. It has no impact on any other place.