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    WSRP: Questions about resources and file upload/download

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      I have some questions about resources on wsrp producers.

      My environment is:
      Jboss portal 2.7.1 bundled with jboss AS 4.2.3 (Download)
      JBossPortletBridge-1.0.0.B6 as JSF bridge on producer side.
      Remote portlets will be integrated into JBoss portal consumer (same version).

      1.) My test JSF page contains the following code:

      <h:graphicImage url="/img/test.jpg" />

      The resulting URL at the consumer (and the client browser) points back to the Producer host. My question is, if this is normal behaviour or if I could load resources via JBoss WSRP.

      If it is not possible, what are your suggestions:

      - using a WebServer for static content which has to be known to the producer and available to the client?

      What about performance, if resources are transferred by SOAP?

      2.) How can I realize a file upload/download with JBoss JSF and WSRP? Unfortunately, a first try with tomahawk did not work for file upload.

      Is ist possible with JBoss out of the box or do I have to write additional helper stuff like streaming servlets etc.?

      Please could you tell me your best practices for file upload and file download (two requirements).
      Do you have any working examples with JSF and WSRP?

      Thanks in advance!