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    CMS loses mime informations

    gressho Newbie


      I'm experiencing problems with the portal CMS. After exporting content
      or copying content the exports or copies completely lack mime type
      information. It is completely impossible to change or delete reimported
      or copied content.
      Our backend database is Oracle 11g (and I inserted a driver entry in
      every hibernate.cfg.xml file I found).
      For now we can live with completely reinitializing our database but when we
      are going in production state this is no solution.
      Perhaps there is another configuration for Oracle I don't know about?
      The export/import problems didn't occur with JBossPortal 2.6.7, but we had
      the problems with JBossPortal 2.7.0 and now 2.7.1 as well.

      Shall I report this into Jira as well?

      Best wishes