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    Applets in JBOSS-Portal-Server-2.7.0 with Internet Explorer

    Hardy Massen Novice


      I'm evaluating the use of applets in a portlet-application on a jboss-portal-2.7.0.GA-server.

      I've set up a little portlet with a test-applet. It uses the applet-tag. (I've tested the same thing with the object-tag also.)

      A Java-Plugin is installed for Firefox and for the Internet Explorer 7.0.

      The Applet on the portal-page is rendered correctly with FF.

      If I use IE to show the portal-page the IE kinda freezes. No error message, no hint, what happens, no Java-Plugin-Loading, nothing.

      If I use this IE to display some other applet on the www, the applet is shown correclty.

      The security settings in the IE for my portal-server are even lower than for the www.

      Any hint, what the problem may be?

      Regards, LeoLo