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    NPE in PortletManagementHandler.getPortletProperties

    cpage cpage Novice


      I use JBoss 4.2.3 + JBossPortal 2.6.6 (with WSRP).

      In an admin portlet i add a property to an instance with InstanceDefinition.setProperties(PropertyChange[]) so this property is not defined in the portlet preferences.

      In another admin portlet, when i want to read this new property, i have a NullPointerException in getPortletProperties from PortletManagementHandler.

      I look in the sources and the NPE is in this code (prefInfo is null) :

      Map.Entry entry = (Map.Entry)entries.next();
      key = (String)entry.getKey();
      value = (Value)entry.getValue();
      prefInfo = info.getPreferences().getPreference(key);
      displayName = prefInfo.getDisplayName();

      Something i made is wrong or it is a bug ?