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    Passing parameters to JSP included

    Nilson Parra Newbie


      I´m use Jboss Portal 2.7.0 GA, and my web application consists of:
      portlet class:

      public class TestPortlet extends GenericPortlet {
       protected void doView(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response)
       throws PortletException, IOException {
       PortletRequestDispatcher prd = getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/jsp/uno.jsp?MiParametro=47");
       prd.include(request, response);

      jsp page "uno.jsp":
      <jsp:include page="/jsp/dos.jsp" flush="true">
       <jsp:param name="otroParametro" value="40" />

      jsp page "dos.jsp":
      <%out.println("MiParametro: "+request.getParameter("MiParametro"));
      out.println("otroParametro: "+request.getParameter("otroParametro"));

      and xml file "portlet.xml":
       <title>Prueba Portlet</title>

      when displaying the page containing the portlet, the result is:

      MiParametro: 47 otroParametro: null

      Does anyone know how can this problem be solved?
      would greatly appreciate any responses that guide me to solve it.


      PS. please excuse my English