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    jboss 2.6.4-GA wsrp producer not sending correct update

    Joseph Berglund Newbie

      i am running the 2.6.4 bundle for both the wsrp producer and consumer. the portlet is a simple hello world portlet (copy of the 2.7.1 example portlet) set to remotable, but built with portletbridge 1.0.0.B2.

      (I had the same issue for a 2.6.4 producer and 2.7.1 consumer and the 1.0.0.B5 portletbridge)

      The SOAP message sent to the producer does contain the "username" form parameter from the hello world portlet, but the response from the producer appears to be the same as a page refresh (it's supposed to go to a new page once the username parameter is set, to say "Hello !"). The portlet works flawlessly on the producer.

      From the debug logs, I can see that it gets the request., and it formulates the SOAP response of a default page and not the next page.

      Any thoughts on what could be the issue?