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    Portal Crawler + Search Portlet solution for JBoss Portal

    Aris Mastrokostas Newbie

      Hello all,

      in developing a commercial Portal site we are evaluating JBoss products as an open-source alternative to Oracle Portal.

      One thing I could not find so far is a mechanism in JBoss Portal for crawling the entire site and storing the results in the database. The end user would then use a simple search portlet to retrieve results from the crawled pages.

      In other words, I am looking for something similar to Oracle Ultrasearch, which compliemnts Oracle Portal, and which also provides an API to use by the JSP developer of the end-user portlet.

      If there is no built-in similar product in JBoss, are there any third-party crawlers that have worked successfully for you in the past?

      Thank you in advance!