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    [Portal 2.7.2] Description of publice Render Parameter in Ad

    Hardy Massen Novice


      I'm trying the Portlet-2.0-Features in JBOSS 2.7.2 and I've declared a public render parameter along with a description in a portlet.xml:

       <description>foo is not bar</description>
       <qname xmlns:ff="urn:aa:ff">ff:foo</qname>

      If I now examine a portlet using this public-render-parameter on the portlet-definitions-page in the admin-section, I see this:

      Public Render Parameters
      Id: foo Description: Description of public render parameter {urn:aa:ff}foo

      I think, that under Description on the page the content of the description-tag in the portlet.xml should be displayed. So I assume the text "Description of public render parameter" is somewhere hardcoded in 2.7.2?

      Regards, LeoLo