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    Portlet Instance Membership

    Jack Daniels Newbie

      Hi all --

      I noticed that after programmatically creating a Portlet instance it is not immediately available for viewing in the portal. In addition if I go to the portal Admin console and look for this portlet instance, it is no where to be found.

      Now if I logout of the portal and log back in, and then look in the Admin console, it available. In addition, once I log back in, it is also available on the page in which the instance was programmatically placed.

      Note that the portlet instance is created in the database and wired up correctly, the instant that the portlet instance is created.

      Is this a documented behavior in JBoss portal? Do I need to make another call to force the portal to recognize the new portlet instance was created?

      BTW The current user is permissioned to view the portlet instance.

      Thanks all.