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    Problem with Portlet Struts, and input name in a form

    Vanghelle Vincent Newbie


      i've got a problem in my form, in a struts web app.

      Directly via the action, form is ok, but with struts portlet, there is a problem at the "name" tag of a submit input.

      Here is the submit input of my form :

      <html:submit property="action" ><bean:message key="link.Cancel"/></html:submit>

      Both directly via the action and via the portlet, the generated html is :

      <input type="submit" name="action" value="Cancel" />

      But in my form bean, i've got 2 different things :
      - Via the action, the property is ok, when I do a getAction() I obtain "Cancel"
      - Via the Struts portlet, when I do a getAction(), I obtain "1".

      So there's a problem in the form bean Validator, and my form don't work...
      I don't want to work any other way (hidden input, with javascript on the submit), because this is an existing Struts web app, and i just have to get it work on struts portlet...

      Should I open a JIRA issue?