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    New Theme - From web 2.0 template  -> How to??

    kvic . Newbie

      i have a good question. I want to make a theme that look like web template that can download from example templateworld.com

      this example web 2.0 template


      to view look like these template in jboss portal. It easy for me. i just import css this template and part of css in portal_style.css i comment it.

      because jboss portal have 3 layout -> i just take 1 column (index.jsp) for this template.

      So i just copy paste some html content from this template put in to 1 column layout.

      the problem is, when user change theme renewal use 1 column.. the theme will be look ugly, because have some content html that i put it for my new theme.

      i need opinion, how i want to make new theme that look like i download from

      [/url]www.templateworld.com what i need to do? how to? Did i need make all div (header,left,right,bottom, footer) as portlet??? because i want the data will be call from database.. i dun want static html.. can u giv me a link example website use jboss portal look like templateworld??? p/s -> i m new comer in java , new in jbossportal... im very interesting to learn java .. im php background. tq