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    no communication with inter portlet communication

    Gabriel Muench Newbie

      hello, iam using the jboss portal 2.7.2 bundle on window vista.
      i used to write a interportlet communication like the sample in the jboss reference guide. i got the two portlets deployed, but the communication between them doesnt work.

      i get an error at the start of the server:

      WARN [ServiceController] Problem starting service portal:service=ListenerService,type=
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: main.PortletB$Listener

      Here the mbean from the jboss-servcice.xml:

       <attribute name="RegistryId">test_listener</attribute>
       <attribute name="ListenerClassName">main.PortletB$Listener</attribute>

      i added the listener in my -object.xml in the window tag of the portletB


      i dont know what could be wrong! Maybe someone can help me?

      (1) how can i solve the porblem in the start phase?
      (2) why doesnt run the communication between A and B?

      If i forgot something important, please inform me.
      Thanks for reading my post.