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    Cookies problem in portal login

    Peris Ramaiah Newbie

      Jboss server 4.2.2.Ga
      jboss portal 2.7.0
      firfox 3.0.5.

      I have created two portal and assign this portal to two different user.


      open firefox and login using first user's username and password. Now I can see the first user's portal page. Again open firefox without clossing the first user. Enter second user username and password. now we can see the second user's portal page.

      Now Just referesh the first user portal page . The page is changed to second user portal page and the login also changed.

      Do you have any idea regarding this issue?. If you have please share with me. Thanks.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          If you want to run two users, run two different browser applications. When I want to do something like this I run one user under Firefox and the other under IE or Konqueror.

          Remember that HTTP is a session-less protocol. The mechanisms used to maintain sessions (such as cookies) pretty much guarantee that the behavior will be as you see - you can open multiple browser windows to the same web app and each window will be part of the session (which can cause issues - some of which Seam attempts to solve).