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    Parameter Binding Coordination: Portlets from 2 different ve

    Tim Lam Newbie

      I tried to use parameter binding coordination to wire 2 different portlets residing in 2 different web applications. I added public render parameters to both portlet.xml files and also added <supported-public-render-parameter> to both portlet differents. When I bring up the admin console in jboss, I added both portlets to the same page and tried to configure parameter bindings for them and was not able to. There was a message telling me that there weren't any public render parameters defined eventhough I defined them in the portlet.xml. I was able to configure alias parameters with the public render parameters that I defined. Do parameter bindings really work in JBoss Portal V2.7.0? All I've seen people recommending is alias bindings on this forum and not parameter bindings.

      Thanks in advanced!