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    Customer interceptor jboss portal

    dsfds dqsfds Newbie

      hello all,

      first of all sorry for my english ;-)

      i'm totally newbie with jboss portal technology and on jboss portal forum.

      I must create a new intranet for my compagny. (i'm student for three months in this compagny).

      my problem is the follow one :

      I create a class which to convert from .doc or .xls file to .pdf file

      i would like to create an interceptor beetween upload and download process. this customer interceptor will call this class and when the users will download a document it appairs with pdf format.

      i extend the class cmsInterceptor
      but how can i get a reference on an upload file? without this reference i can't call my class

      second problem :

      in the file service.xml : where can i declare my customer interceptor before or after ACL?

      the doc is light about this subject.

      thanks for your help and sorry again for my horrible english ;-)

      i forget i'm working with jboss portal 2.7.2 bundled

      bilou 690