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    Problem in scrollableDataTable component


      I am new to RichFaces,i am using <rich:scrollableDataTable> component for my application.
      I have around 1 lakh records..i need to load that on demand basis . i am not seeing any action listner for that..

      For Every scrolling my table fetches the whole records.But it has to fetch the records whatever is not in data table.

      I have given the code

      <rich:scrollableDataTable rowKeyVar="rkv" frozenColCount="1"
      height="550" width="1050" id="exceptionLog" first="0" rows="200"
      columnClasses="col" value="#{DetailViewBean.detailLog}"
      var="exception" sortMode="single" styleClass="table"
      hideWhenScrolling="true" onRowClick="#LogReader.rowUpdate}" >

      </rich:scrollableDataTable >

      Anybody help me to solve this problem.