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    JBoss Portal embedded jackrabbit content repository.

    karim lahweg Newbie

      I am looking for a way to remotely access the JBoss Portal embedded jackrabbit repository.
      I am going the EJB3 programming model way and what I am able to do now is to get an instance of the JCRCMS in my stateless session bean

      @Resource(mappedName = "java:/portal/CMS")
      private JCRCMS jcrCms;

      And so I can do a lot of cool stuff.

      As a saw how Day CRX, JCR-Explorer, JCR Viewer, JCR Controller, can explore jackrabbit repositories, I am wondering if it is possible to do so with the JBoss portal one.

      I tried with the apache jcr-explorer web app running on tomcat but i had a problem with jndi name.
      I also tried with the JCR BROWSER eclipse plugin (rmi access). No way!

      So I took a look at
      and realized that the unlike the JCRCMS, the jackrabbit JCR itself isn't bound to JNDI name nor has a JRMP server association.

      Is it why i can't access the JCR with the tools i mentionned?

      As for the JCRCMS, a remote proxy can be provided by adding

      <!-- Proxy factory for CMS -->

      <!-- Use the standard JRMPInvoker from conf/jboss-service.xxml -->
      <depends optional-attribute-name="InvokerName">jboss:service=invoker,type=jrmp
      <!-- The target MBean -->
      <depends optional-attribute-name="TargetName">portal:service=CMS
      <!-- Where to bind the proxy factory -->
      <!-- Invoke target method instead of invoke(Invocation mi) -->
      <!-- Comma-separated list of exported interfaces -->
      <!-- client-side interceptors -->


      (according to sohil.shah@jboss.com tested and works fine)

      Can we get the JBoss Portal embedded Jackrabbit JCR to the same level of exposure?