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    When to use Alias coordination feature of 2.7.x ...

    Sourav Mazumder Newbie


      I'm not sure when to use alias feature for coordination vis-a-vis explicit parameter bindings. To me both of them serve the same purpose. Any exaplanation on this would be helpful.

      Also, with alias binding what would be the effect of setting implicit-mode as true ?


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          Sambit Dikshit Newbie

          Hi Sourav,
          This is a typical case of design time and run time. Alias binding is more of a design time where you map the namespace to a specific parameter and associate the aliases to respective portlets so that they can identify the actual param in the url with the alias defined. Where as in explicit parameter bidning, you can bind the parameter with appropriate namespace and let the respective portlets capture / get it from the context and work on this. Btw parameter rendering will have limitation to send parameters of simple values ( nothing but strings in url ) plus usual limit of sending data of Http GET.