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    Evaluvating Products for Application Development

    neha2911 Newbie

      We want to develop an application which has iGoogle like interface. The requirements are

      1. The widgets should be able to communicate to each other i.e. Lets us say there are two widgets on a page, one which shows list of cities and other which shows the company address. As soon as a city is clicked, the other widget should automatically show the company address in the respective city.
      2. User should be able to personalize (add or delete or align widgets) page.
      3. Authorization of widgets on basis of roles.
      4. If possible Drag and drop of widgets from a list of authorized widgets.

      Is this possible in JBoss Portal or What would be the best combination of technology to implement it in JBoss? We are open to all possibilities from struts, jsf, Ajax, soa products, JBoss portal etc, time being the only constraint.