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    ajax error on tab click of tabPanel breaks tabPanel complete

    Anne Childress Newbie

      I have a tabPanel that has 4 tabs that is defined as switchType ajax. I have a backing bean method tied to the valueChangeListener of the tabPanel to save data on the current tab before displaying the newly selected one. If, for example, I am on tab 1 and click tab 2, and the tab 1 data is saved successfully, but some exception is thrown on a backing bean method that retrieves some data for tab 2, I get my A4J.AJAX.onError javascript run successfully, and tab 2 is not displayed because the render didn't complete (which I would expect). So tab 1 is still sitting there just like I would expect also, but now if I click on tab 2 again, the tabPanel itself seems to be just plain broken. If I try to click on tab 3 or 4, I get the A4J.AJAX.onError again as if it is trying to paint tab 2 again (even though tab 2 never really displayed).

      Can anybody shed some light on this weird behavior? I am trying to test my handling of database errors and obviously once one occurs, the tabPanel is just fubar and I have to redisplay the whole page from scratch and start over. I would have thought that it would recover nicely and allow me to try again.