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    "Links to resources within this portal should be absolute."

    Yusen Shi Newbie

      While localizing JBoss Portal to Chinese, I'm curious on the CMS_LINK_TO_RESOURCES. "Links to resources within this portal should be absolute. For example: A link to an image located in default/images/back.gif should be typed in exactly as shown here. Do not prefix a slash (/) to the path of the resource. You can verify the link is correct by clicking on the preview button in the editor".

      I think it's a relative link, right?

      Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

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          Chris Laprun Master

          The wording is indeed confusing as it is not a strict absolute link but it cannot be a relative link either. In essence, the link must be relative to the root of the deployment, not to the location of the file.

          default/images/back.gif will work assuming there's a default directory under the root of the deployment containing an images directory where the back.gif file is located.

          ../../back.gif will not work.