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    Clustering issue

    ruchika garg Newbie

      I am using jboss application server 4.2.1.GA, jboss portal 2.6.2, apache 2.2 for my load balancing and clustering setup.

      Clustering is happening fine.

      But I am facing an issue:

      I created a tab say TAB1 after logging to SERVER1.I am able to see TAB1.
      Now, when I logged to SERVER2, I am not able to see TAB1, even though I'll restart the servers.

      But after one day or even more, the TAB1 will appear and can be seen on both the servers.

      Similarly if I am renaming a sub menus, deleting tab, deleting submenu; the changes are reflected immediately on the server from which the changes are done but are not reflected on the other server immediately.

      I am not sure what is going wrong. At present I can not move to different version of server.

      Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.


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          Prabhat Jha Master

          The best would be for you to upgrade the jboss portal and/or Jboss ASversion you are using as later versions of portal had few clustering fixes.

          Clustering is kind of setup where I would recommend you get support contract as they have hardware and environment to reproduce your problem.

          Now, for your problem, looks like some sessions need to be flushed right away given that you are seeing replication at later stage.

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            ruchika garg Newbie

            Hello prabhat,

            Thanks for you reply. For clustering I am using TCP protocol instead of UDP. Is this causing the delay?Can this be a network issue or firewal setting causing the problem?