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    Portlet Instance creation problem, when new portlet is deplo

    vijay chaudhry Newbie

      Take the scenario, I have created a portlet DemoPortlet with instance name DemoPortletInstance.
      Now I decided to undeploy the DemoPortlet.war file and Again I created one more Portlet with name TestPortlet and here I created the Instance name as DemoPortletInstance. Which is same as above portlet which I already undeployed.

      Now what is there on the admin screen. Portlet definition is created correctly but Portlet Instance is not displayed under Portlet Instances tab under Admin tab. Now If I try to create the instance name DemoPortletInstance manually then it is not creating that instance and in logs it says that instance already exists.
      But I cann't use that instance in the application.

      Please let me know if anyone has faced the same problem and got any solution for the same

      I am using jboss-portal-2.7.0.
      I tested this problem on Windows and Linux OS.