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    Re: WSRP: failed to configure remote producer

    pooja ambre Newbie

      I am using jboss portal 2.7.2 bundled version on linux platform jdk 1.6

      whenever i try accessing

      I geta a xml error
      XML Parsing Error: no element found
      Location: http://localhost:8080/portal-wsrp/MarkupService?wsdl
      Line Number 1, Column 1:

      I cant even access endpoint URLs at:

      the error I get is HTTP GET not supported

      What might be the problem...plz help me out

      Thanks & Regards !!!

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          Brian Ko Newbie

          I found that user is saved in session, but not the roles. Therefore, I changed the viewfile.jsp and pending_items.jsp so that roles are saved in the session.
          I also changed the CMSPreviewServlet so that it retrieves the roles from the session and put it in JCRCMS object. Now it is working fine. The changed codes are as follows.

          Following are added to the jsp's.

          Set roles = new HashSet();

          // Get the current authenticated subject through the JACC contract
          Subject subject = (Subject)PolicyContext.getContext("javax.security.auth.Subject.container");

          if (subject != null)
          Set tmp = subject.getPrincipals(JACCPortalPrincipal.class);
          JACCPortalPrincipal pp = null;
          for (Iterator k = tmp.iterator(); k.hasNext();)
          pp = (JACCPortalPrincipal) k.next();
          if (pp != null)
          if (pp == null)
          pp = new JACCPortalPrincipal(subject);

          // Lazy create all the permission containers for the given role names
          for (Iterator k = pp.getRoles().iterator(); k.hasNext();)
          Principal role = (Principal) k.next();
          request.getSession().setAttribute("remoteRoles", roles);

          Following were added to CMSPreviewServlet

          Set roles = (Set)request.getSession().getAttribute("remoteRoles");