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    Need newer Ajax4JSF: Can I mix some Tomahawk and RichFaces?

    Matthew Fowle Newbie


      I sense my projects in a big pot of trouble. We absolutely positively must have a4j:region support within a h:dataTable, which the https://ajax4jsf.dev.java.net/nonav/documentation/ajax-documentation/entire.html#d0e1093 was coming in an A4J targetted for JSF 1.2.

      Is this Ajax4JSF feature in the newer RichFaces releases yet?

      The problem is our project uses MyFaces and Tomahawk extensively. This wasnt a problem for Ajax4JSF, but I have no idea what our upgrade path is now that Ajax4JSF has been coopted into the RichFaces framework. Please advise on what our best approach is.