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    Suggestion on usage of Struts Portlet Bridge for jboss portl

    Chetan Aggarwal Newbie


      Following is the scenario:

      I have a web application built using Struts 1.3. Now we want to convert it to a portal like application.

      Following are choices:

      1. Write portlet classes and copy code from Action Classes and add to portlet classes.
      - Advantage : Complete life cycle is portal based.
      - Disadvantage : Struts application is no longer needed.

      2. Use a struts portlet bridge
      - Advantages - Still will be able to use Action classes with portal like look and feel.
      - Disadvantage - I am not getting very comfort feeling with bridge as i am not sure full set features, industry practises. I have also read about certain limitations regarding (not able to user request.getParameter() style in JSP pages...)

      Please share your thoughts/suggestions/experiences of using bridges.

      Thanks and Regards,