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    ExtendedDataTable row selection reset

    Denis Marzadro Novice

      i'm using the rich extended data table with richfaces 3.2.2GA on tomcat 6

      I get the row selection and display the object data in order to change it.
      If i do and reload the list (usually with an entry less) i get the old index of row selected (automatically with selectedClass tag).
      Anyone know if there is a way to reset it?
      I know extended data table is just in a preview state but it does what i need so now i just have to find a way to rest the selection.

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          Yurii Kartsev Apprentice

          To not start new thread, I'll ask here, because have a similar question, but about ScrollableDataTable:

          If I make selection, then sort the table by a column, selection stays, visually on the same place(2nd row for example), but actually on the wrong person(because rows are sorted now).
          In plus if I try to use selected record - I can't get it. Just like if selection is fake(visually it exists, really - no). scrollableDataTableSelection.getKeys().hasNext() gives me false.

          I would like to know a method on how to reset selection after sorting scrollable data table, can somebody help me? Is there any fast JScript access to the selection? Just to put some code in onsortingcomplete(or something) event?

          Thanks in advance!