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    Running JBoss with other servers online

    Thomas K Newbie


      first of all: I'm not good in these things, i am just about gathering the first experience using JBoss or web-applications in general. So please excuse the lack of info or knowledge i can provide.

      I have installed an JBoss instance within the installation of JBPM, so the ANT script provided by jbpm set up the whole thing for me.

      I was able to install it on my machine and when i browsed to localhost, the JBoss interface showed up. So that worked.

      But now i am trying to run the server on a machine where other server or applications are already running.

      I can execute the run.bat script and it starts successfully. (last line is: started in

      But when i browse to my localhost address, i dont see the jboss interface but an interface of another application/server. So how can i access jboss? Or how can i change the port where my JBoss launches on?

      Thank you very much!