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    Partial refresh does not seem to work for JBOSS Portlet

    Brian Antao Newbie


      I have embeded a recursive rich:tree implementation into JBOSS Portlet in a Portal application ... The implementation ported fine into the portlet ... But the problem that arises is that the partial page refresh of the Portlet does not seem to work quite as it is supposed to.

      For the rich:tree I have the switchType set to "ajax" but when any nodes are selected
      in the tree which causes a selection to be made, the whole portlet gets refreshed.
      I have a simpleTogglePanel encapsulating the rich:tree which should only refresh
      at the most upon the selection of the nodes in the tree ... Is there any way partial refresh of the portlet can be controlled so that only the rich:tree and the other components in the portlet which are rich:dataTable types all do not get refreshed all at the same time. I am using the JBOSS Portal version 2.7.2 and JBOSS AS 4.2.3 GA

      Thank you in advance.
      -- Brian