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    Problems with redirect after log in with Internet Explorer

    Tom Schaible Newbie

      I have two portals deployed in my instance of JBoss Portal

      portal1 - Only users of role role1 are able to access this. This portal is also set as the default.
      portal2 - Only users of role role2 are able to access this.

      A common use case is that a user attempts to go directly to the portal by typing in the URL. For simplicities sake, the user goes to


      JBoss Portal redirects the user to http://myportal.com/portal/auth/portal/portal2;jsessionid=SESSIONID and starts a session.

      The user enters his/her login/password

      And here's where the problem starts.

      In firefox (also chrome) the user gets redirected to http://myportal.com/portal/auth/portal/portal2 and everything is great


      In IE, the user gets redirected to http://myportal.com/portal/auth/portal/none which results in a HTTP 403, since it technically points the default portal (portal1) where the user does not have access.

      Any ideas as to why this is happening?

      Using JBoss Portal 2.7.1. Also have run into similar issues in JBoss EPP 4.3