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    practical for archive and  research

    Wolfgang Helmig Newbie

      I am searching for a CMS System with following special requirements:
      1.Absolute isolation of the content and uploaded Content, directed by user, usergroups rights (I think so)
      2.Automatic message Mail by inserting new content. (I think not implemented)
      3.Searchfunction in attachments like PDF. (I think not implemented)
      4.Searchfunktion by accepting userrights (I don't know)
      5.Forum function (I think not implemented)
      6.Comment function (I think is ok)
      7.User directed uploads (Is OK)
      8.Workflow, no publication without permisson of an admin (I don't know)

      I have started with Jboss Portal, but I cann't find out all thinks in the foreseeable future.
      Is my preliminary estimate ok?
      Which points are not implemented?

      I want to create a knowledge Database for a small group of technical experts.
      The Database should be a Archiv for Recherche of similar problems.
      The database shoud be used for a long time without big programm changes.
      Am I right by Jboss Portal?

      Best regards