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    Using WYSIWYG editor for entering UTF-8 characters

    Suchit Khobarekar Newbie

      I have a requirement to use UTF-8 character for some bilingual requirement. Where in the text that is displayed is not english. I am using the CMS portlet to upload the content and assign it in the CMS portlet which is then displayed in the Portal page. The issues arises when I try to edit the content in the WYSIWYG editor. Whenever the content is opened for editing in the editor and I click on the save (create) button of the editor the content is converted to junk character specifically this - "?????? ???? ???" and displayed.

      This is not an issue with the DB (portal DB). I checked the DB table; the content is save in a different pattern when the file uploaded. However the same content gets converted to ???? ??? ?? in the table when the content is edited using the WYSIWYG editor.

      Any help on this front is appreciated

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          Suchit Khobarekar Newbie

          For neone who has the same issue. I have figured out a way to type Devanagri script in the WYSIWTG editor of CMS.


          To start with install the fonts that you want to type in. Lets say you want to type in Marathi or German or chinese. Install the fonts in your operating system. You can double check if the fonts are installed by trying to use this font in a Word application.


          Now for entering your text in the customized font; you will need to add the font you installed to the drop down menu of fonts available in the CMS Editor.

          Navigate the to the path


          Edit the editor_template_src.js and add the font to the nFonts variable. Like ;Marathi=iitmhind. This will add the marathi font in the drop down.


          When you refresh the CMS editor you will see this font in the drop down and you can select the font and start typing in Devanagri script.


          Hope this helps