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    exo Portal, JBoss Portlet Bridge, RichFaces, Seam: a bit los

    krish p Novice

      I am trying to build a J2EE application on the latest JBoss server that uses the Spring framework amongst other things. I plan to use the JSF framework for building the UI. I also want to be able to integrate with JBoss Portal. Realized that JBoss Portal has merged with exo so I picked up a JBoss installation with exo. However, I am a bit lost about the dependencies.

      Given my above initial requirements, do I need the JBoss Portlet Bridge and Seam at all? Or, does the JBoss Portlet Bridge require Seam? In which case, do I need the JBoss Portlet Bridge? Or, do I only need it if I intend to use JSF within the portlets? Could someone please clarify? Thanks!