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    warnings over and over in jboss 5.1

    null null Novice

      We come from tomcat where we could prevoiusly search logs for WARN to see if anything went bad for the day(our log files are about 1 Gig for 1 day of operation). BUT now we are in jboss and I keep seeing these logs over and over...(preventing us for searching on warn)....

      2009-12-03 13:38:38,041 WARN [com.arjuna.ats.jts.logging.loggerI18N] (http- [co
      m.arjuna.ats.internal.jts.resources.errsavefail] ExtendedResourceRecord.doSave failed. Returnin
      g default value: true
      2009-12-03 13:38:38,043 WARN [jacorb.poa.controller] (RequestController-1) rid: 3186 opname: s
      aveRecord request rejected with exception:
      2009-12-03 13:38:38,050 WARN [jacorb.poa.controller] (RequestController-1) rid: 3188 opname: c
      ommit cannot process request, because object doesn't exist
      2009-12-03 13:38:38,052 WARN [jacorb.poa.controller] (RequestController-1) rid: 3188 opname: c
      ommit request rejected with exception:

      Anyway to fix this? In tomcat, we had no warnings so we could easily search on WARN for any problems when launching a new version of our software. With jboss, it sucks because bad problems are lost in the noise with the amount of traffic we get. How do I get around these warnings?

      I am trying to avoid going back to tomcat. yes, we could configure logging but then we may miss true warnings from the jboss platform that we need to know about.