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    ProfileService DeploymentBean needs to be closer to kernel m

    Scott Stark Master

      After getting a basic bootstrap testcase of the kernel based on the profile service api (kernel module org.jboss.test.profileservice.test.SimplePSTestCase) its clear that the current DeploymentBean needs to expose a kernel BeanMetaData object as this is too rich an object to have to replicate.

      The mapping between the deployment api and the kernel api occurs in the AbstractBootstrap implementation, org.jboss.test.profileservice.support.Simple1PSBootstrap. This just cannot create a meaningful BeanMetaData from the current DeploymentBean interface.

      Either DeploymentBean needs to expose a BeanMetaData, or a Deployment/DeploymentBean needs to have a kernel bean bootstrap configuration, if that makes sense.

      The ProfileService is a mix of a lot of mc features and implementation so its difficult to draw the boundaries between these currently. To drive toward a jboss5 ProfileService prototype I'm going to:
      1. Try a bootstrap of the ProfileService via a kernel xml configuration that integrate the current VDF work.
      2. Bring in the beyond the core beans from the profile as things the VDF layer handles.
      3. Get to the point of being able to update the profile via the management view of the ProfileService.