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    ProfileService - ManagedObject impl

    Adrian Brock Master

      To help in the implementation of the ManagedObject part of the
      deployers, I've implemeted the MXBean in the mbeans module.

      The MXBean/OpenMBean has some fundamental restrictions where
      we should try to go further:

      1) OpenType is immutable so it is difficult/impossible to build
      recursive types. e.g. class.getSuperClass()
      You can't have java.lang.Class as an "attribute" of the
      java.lang.Class composite type.

      2) OpenType being immutable doesn't support "setters".
      OpenTypes can only be set on MXBeans.

      3) OpenType/CompositeType access, creates and transfers
      across the wire the full graph of the object. There should be
      an option for something more lazy for more complicated
      and extensions object graphs.

      4) OpenType has only limited support for primitives, in
      general it works because of reflection, i.e. autoboxing
      but there are some examples where it doesn't work,
      see the javadoc above for an example.

      5) No support for polymorphism.
      i.e. You can have a true Object[] or BaseClass[]
      because of restrictions on CompositeType "subclassing"
      (being fix in the spec) and also SimpleTypes and arrays
      are transfered as "raw data".

      To support polymorphism, rather than the open data for a string
      being a java.lang.String, it would need to be the couple

       SimpleType type; // SimpleType.STRING
       Object data; // java.lang.String