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    Example of how the new deployers work

    Adrian Brock Master

      Now that the new deployers are aspectized we can properly
      implement them as staged deployers.

      e.g. for the POJO Deployer it is divided into two.

      1) A BeanDeployer that looks for -beans.xml as either the
      top level deployment or in "META-INF" and creates a KernelDeployment
      as a deployment attachment.

      2) A KernelDeployer that looks for all KernelDeployment attachments
      and actually deploys.

      Of course, other deployers (or the deployer/profile service)
      can create KernelDeployment attachments for the KernelDeployer to deploy.

      For the SAR Deployer I'm dividing into three.
      1) SARDeployer - deploys -service.xml
      2) ServiceClassLoaderDeployer - creates the UCLs for the deployments
      3) ServiceDeployer - deploys ServiceDeployment objects via
      the ServiceController