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    VFS links

    Scott Stark Master

      I have an initial usecase of links in the vfs working. See the org.jboss.test.virtual.test.TestFileVFS.testWarLink which illustrates creating a virtual war from different VFS paths:

      + A VFS rooted at the container/src/resources/tests/vfs/links
      + A VFS link file container/src/resources/tests/vfs/links/war1.vfslink.properties which maps its self to test-link.war with children:
      + + WEB-INF/classes pointing to container/output/eclipse-classes-tests/
      + + WEB-INF/lib pointing to container/src/resources/tests/vfs/sundry/jar

      From the VFS root you can find the test-link.war, test-link.war/WEB-INF/{classes,lib} as well as classes and jars in these link directories.

      There are some TODOs in the code for issues regarding inconsistencies in the VirtualFileHandlers like the URI of the link targets not matching the URI you would build from the VFS path/name components because of the link, and other consistency issues that can arise if you try to walk up and down the parent/child handlers.

      Another issue is that the links are part of the FileSystemContext and not a general feature of the VFS. To resolve some of the consistency issues this may need to be a first class construct in the base spi. Whether or not a given VFSContext supports links would need to show up there.