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    Adding new deployers

    Kabir Khan Master

      I've run into a problem with the deployers. The .aop archives are not recognized by the JarStructure unless deployed unpacked. Hard-coding this as one of the jarSuffixes in JarUtils would work, but is hacky since this option won't be available to people wanting to create their own deployers for things with unknown suffixes.

      I've tried adding some start/stop methods to my AspectDeployer to add/remove the .aop suffix to JarUtils, but this doesn't work since the deployer/aspect-deployers-beans.xml file is read after the VFSDeployemetScanner adds the deployments. In other words FileSystemContext.createVirtualFileHandler() is called for all the deploy/xxx.aop archives BEFORE the AspectDeployer has a chance to add the .aop suffix to JarUtils. FileSystemContext.createVirtualFileHandler() uses JarUtils to check if it should create a JarHandler or a VirtualFileHandler for the context, so for .aop files we always end up with a FileHandler when what we really want is a JARHandler.