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    Relative order of deployers to other deployers

    Scott Stark Master

      A common usecase is that a given deployer want to be relative to another deployer as it operates on the the metadata going into or coming out of the other deployer. To do this in a deployers getRelativeOrder method requires stepping outside of the deployer spis as the MainDeployer has no registry of deployers by name, and we don't have a notion of specifying that a deployer's relativeOrder is relative to another deployer.

      One way would be to expand the OrderedDeployer interface:

      public interface OrderedDeployer
       /** The unique name of the deployer */
       public String getName();
       /** The name of the deployer this deployer is relative to. A null value means the
       relativeOrder is an global value. Otherwise, relativeOrder is translated into a global
       order by looking up the relativeOrder of the indicated deployer.
       public String getRelativeToName();
       * Get the relative order
       * @return the relative order
       int getRelativeOrder();
       * Set the deployer relative order.
       * @param order - the order of the deployer in a deployer chain.
       public void setRelativeOrder(int order);