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    Microcontainer and JBossXB

    Adrian Brock Master

      I'm concerned that the release of JBossMC-2.0.0Beta contains
      snapshot releases in its build file:

      This makes it impossible to reproduce this release in the future!

      Also as a heads up, the current Head Microcontainer is broken until
      I update the JBossXB snapshot to fix this problem:

      Updating this snaphot invalidates the 2.0.0-Beta tag!!!

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          Scott Stark Master

          Ok, this is my fault. Of the snapshots:

           <componentref name="jboss/common" version="snapshot"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/jbossxb" version="snapshot"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/test" version="snapshot"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/test14" version="snapshot"/>

          we should move the mc trunk dependencies for all but jbossxb to those from the jbossas beta:
           <componentref name="jboss/common-core" version="2.0.2.GA"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/common-logging-log4j" version="2.0.2.GA"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/common-logging-jdk" version="2.0.2.GA"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/common-logging-spi" version="2.0.2.GA"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/test" version="1.0.0.GA"/>
           <componentref name="jboss/test14" version="1.0.0.GA"/>

          I don't even know what the jboss/common snapshot is.

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            Scott Stark Master

            Another issue brought up by looking at updating the common lib dependencies is that we don't have jdk14 jbossretro versions. The legacy jboss/common jars just happened to be jdk14 compatible. We need jbossretro versions of all dependencies needed by the mc components that are required to be runnable under jdk14.