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    JNDI refactor and JBoss Remoting

    Bill Burke Master

      Not sure if anybody pays attention to the JNDI forum, so i'll post here.

      I did a refactoring of the JNDI initial context so that it can be used with JBoss Remoting and configured as a set of beans rather than a JMX service. Its pretty feature complete (security propagation for instance).




      The Bean code is:

       <bean name="Naming" class="org.jnp.server.SingletonNamingServer"/>
       <bean name="java:comp" class="org.jboss.naming.JavaCompInitializer"/>
       <!-- register Naming bean with dispatcher just in case we want to have a remote JNDI connection -->
       <bean name="JndiRegistration" class="org.jboss.aspects.remoting.DispatcherRegistration">
       <property name="oid">JNDI</property>
       <property name="target"><inject bean="Naming"/></property>

      I just need to do some integration work with HA_JNDI so that there is request failover.

      BTW, with the AOP Remoting integration you could even secure remote access to JNDI quite easily.