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    JMX Notification support

    Scott Stark Master

      Since notifications are part of the jmx interface the JMXIntroduction should be handling this. The question is how? I ran into this issue when looking to pojoize the Log4jService so that I could configure it properly during the bootstrap. It has a hard-coded notification generated when ever it reconfigures the log4j layer:

       protected void emitReconfigureNotification()
       // emit a reconfigure notification with the configURL
       Notification n = new Notification(RECONFIGURE_NOTIFICATION_TYPE,
       this, getNextNotificationSequenceNumber(), "Log4j subsystem reconfigured");
       private void reconfigure(final URLConnection conn)
       log.debug("Configuring from URL: " + configURL);
       // notify other mbeans that might be interested

      This really should be a post invocation aspect described by a pointcut on the reconfigure method. Wiring this together would seem to need a deployer in conjunction with the JMXIntroduction.