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    Hot deployment added to trunk

    Scott Stark Master

      Hotdeployment has been added to trunk. The HDScanner bean implements that behavior by obtaining the modified deployments from the active Profile.

       <!-- Hotdeployment of applications -->
       <bean name="HDScanner"
       <property name="mainDeployer"><inject bean="MainDeployer"/></property>
       <property name="profileService"><inject bean="ProfileService"/></property>
       <property name="scanPeriod">5000</property>
       <property name="scanThreadName">HDScanner</property>

      Note that only the root of a top-level deployment is checked for modifications. Only the DeploymentPhase.APPLICATION type of deployments are checked for modifications. This corresponds to the current deploy directory contents.

      More information about what metadata files constitute modifications, and well as allowing for subdeployment modifications with subsequent refreshing of a bundle type class loader are future todos.