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    Beta3 roadmap items

    Scott Stark Master

      The main Beta3 roadmap items for me include the following:

      + Merge and document the unified metadata work into the mc trunk.
      + Update deployers to utilize the management metadata to describe the management interfaces.
      + Update the ObjectModelBuilder to build the ManagedObject graphs from the management metadata.
      + Add aspects for mapping updates of properties with runtime support so that both the persistent view and live bean property are updated.
      + Expand the profile service ManagementView supported component types and CRUD usecases.
      + Revise the MainDeployer/Deployer interfaces to support the OSGi model requirements.
      + Replace the UCL class loader with an OSGi bundle consistent class loader and expand the class loading metadata to support proper scoping via import/export/version metadata.
      + Pull the jbossweb container class loader creation outside of the web deployer/tomcat service classes.
      + Complete the profile service deployment repository spi to support the jsr88 and OSGi repository notions/usecases.