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    Profile Service and Scanners

    Adrian Brock Master

      This is probably two seperate questions, but I'm going to deal with them together.

      Profile Service. The profile service api as it stands in terms of what is server side api
      and what is client side api (or even offline api), is not good.
      This really does need sorting out.

      Scanners. We appear to have two implements of the scanner.

      The first is the VFSScanner which is used during initial bootstrap
      to scan for the deployments.

      The second is the HDScanner. This asks the profile for modified deployments
      on a timer.

      But the profileimpl is doing its own checking for modifications.
      The deployments/files it should be checking, i.e. the rules configured in
      boostrap-beans.xml on the VFSXXXScanner aren't used.

      So the definition of what makes up the profile is different at bootstrap time
      to what it is during hotdeployment.

      My recommendation would be to move all this code into the VFSScanner
      and like the old scanner, we just generate "ADD" ModificationInfo
      events for the bootstrap using the HDScanner to do all invocations
      on the MainDeployer.