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    JCA Deployer Related

    Anil Saldanha Master

      I looked around, could not figure out what is parsing the security-domain element in:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <config-property name="FileSystemRootDir" type="java.lang.String">/tmp/db/
       <config-property name="Roles" type="java.lang.String">RunAsIdentityRole,Ru

      Because the security-domain is not getting injected to the BaseConnectionManager.

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          Scott Stark Master

          Its parsed based on the jaxb annotations on the org.jboss.resource.metadata.mcf.SecurityDomainMetaData class. The org.jboss.resource.deployers.ManagedConnectionFactoryParserDeployer is the deployer that controls this.

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            Anil Saldanha Master

            I am not sure any SecurityDomain is getting created in the BCM. The way the BCM startService() is coded is:

            if (securityDomainJndiName != null && jaasSecurityManagerService == null)
             throw new DeploymentException("You must supply both securityDomainJndiName and jaasSecurityManagerService to use container managed security");
            if (securityDomainJndiName != null)
             securityDomain = (SubjectSecurityManager) new InitialContext().lookup(SECURITY_MGR_PATH
             + securityDomainJndiName);

            So basically there needs to be an injection of securityDomainJndiName. This is not happening at all.

            The test case I was peeking at was:

            Adrian's rant about the JCA security integration is here: